Terms And Conditions

1. The order form for home pickup and bill should be preserved and presented at the time of delivery.

2. Always provide full address, mobile number and email address to receive bill copies, order updates and payment links on SMS, WhatsApp and email.

3. Any claims for finished or delivered article must be reported within 24 hours of delivery along with the original barcode sticker. No claims will be entertained thereafter.

4. Any discrepancy in the count of articles should be brought to the notice of the executive before leaving the store.

5. In case of home pickup and delivery the customer must count the garments in front of our Executive and check the count mentioned on the Order Form before the executive leaves your house. While taking home delivery customer must count the articles in front of the executive, Bianca will not be responsible or liable for any claims made later.

6. For home pickups the bills are made at the Central Processing unit within 48 hours of the collection of articles. Garments shall be inspected by our billing team at the plant, colours, brands, damages, defects, stains shall me mentioned on the bill at the time of billing. Upon receiving the bill by SMS, WhatsApp and SMS the customer must check for all article description, defects and stains Bianca shall not be liable and any claims made upon delivery.

7. We will not be responsible for shrinkage, fastening of colours or any damage resulting from the laundry or dry-cleaning process.

8. Bianca will take utmost care of your article as per international methods and care; however does not guarantee the removal of all stains on all articles. In such a case, the customer shall be notified with a Sorry Note upon delivery.

9. In case of loss or damage to article, Bianca will reimburse the customer 10 times the service cost of that particular item.

10. Luxury brands and designer wear articles tariff will be decided on case to case basis depending on the complexity of the article, the executive shall communicate the same to the customer at the time of receiving the article or after it is examined by the expert at the Central Processing Unit.

11. All disputes will be subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.

12. Please note, Bianca will not be held responsible or liable for any articles or orders not collected within 30 days of the bill date. A keep-safe charge of Rs 5 per article per day will be charged post 30 days from the delivery date.

13. Bianca will make every effort to deliver the article within the delivery schedule date and time mentioned on the bill, however we cannot be held responsible for delay by unforeseen incidents, Force Majeure which is beyond our control. In some case articles with heavy stains or minor tailoring repair will require additional time, customer shall be intimated in case of such delays. Customer will not be entitled to any compensation or reduction in charges for any such delays.

14. All minor or major tailoring will be at a cost and shall be billed to customer with prior intimation and approval.

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