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Changing the landscape of luxury laundry in India with our state of the art machinery, premium solvents and impeccable luxury service

Dry Cleaning

We pride our self in using the best amalgamation of technology and solvents to provide impeccable results for your basics to bespoke couture.

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Wet Cleaning

Delicate clothing which cannot be dry cleaned, are put through our special wet cleaning process. At Bianca, we use an artisan process, where we individually pre-spot all the garments to treat any stains and identify any particular requirements to assure you the longevity of your garment.

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Press/Iron Only

Press-only (also called ironing-only or steam-only) is a service available for most garments (for example dresses, suits, shirts) in store.

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The garments are put through the world class washers which are programmed to doze solvents automatically to pamper your garment with the best solvents in the world. Here at Bianca we carefully wash your garments using premium detergents, tumble dry, iron, then fold them with care or put in hangers as per your preference.

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Repair & Alteration

Bianca prides itself in its expertise and attention to detail. From giving a garment a fresh identity to altering it to its optimal fit, we leave no gaps in maintaining and providing a flawless finish.

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Wedding Outfit Cleaning

Bianca understands the emotional value that a wedding outfit holds and how cherished it will be for years to come. To ensure that this outfit is well-maintained, Bianca will examine and evaluate it prior to being treated. We will choose the appropriate treatment depending on the garment's fabrics, detailing, ornamental elements such as beads and sequins to assure that everything stays intact and as beautiful as it was on the day you first wore it.

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Every garment requires to be attended with special knowledge and expertise before its treatment begins. At Bianca we do just that. From evaluating the construction of the garment and its materials, to closely examining all the details, Bianca will take note of every important element of your garment. Our team obtains the utmost knowledge that curates prime results with silks, satins, heavy hand detailing, delicate fibers etc. Whatever treatment your garment needs, Bianca will provide it with immense care; whether it is dry-cleaning, laundering or simply the hand wash treatment. We have the most efficient and gentle technologies to make sure your couture item comes back to you in an immaculate condition.

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Leather Care

At Bianca, we believe in restoring your leather to the best possible condition. We hand finish every item to ensure a topnotch outcome making your outfits last a lifetime. Our highly trained technicians will closely inspect your products and clean them with the most appropriate procedure and technology.

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Handbag & Shoe Cleaning

Every item is carefully inspected for stains, dyes, and potential weaknesses in order to assess the best cleaning method. General soiling and stains are removed using gentle, specialty chemicals and all items are then reconditioned using special oils to give a great finish. We have partnered with the best experts in the trade to provide the highest quality cleaning and ensuring increased durability of your product.

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Curtains & Home Linens

We offer a professional cleaning and laundering service for duvets and pillows, duvet and pillow covers and bedding linens to make your home feel like you just moved in.

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