Brown Stains: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Avoiding Brown Stains on Unused Clothing Clothes left in the wardrobe, drawer, or wrapped materials for prolonged durations can give rise to rusty, brown stains. While sometimes this can happen because of improper storage, wrong detergents, untreated or partially treated stains or rust oxide, these brown stains could also arise because of cosmetics that contain benzoyl peroxide.


Your Favourite Garments Deserve The Best Treatment: Switch To Bianca

At Bianca Clothspa, we resonate with the emotional value of our customer’s clothes and home linens. Our laundry experts understand the delicate sensitivity people have towards the cleanliness of their garments.


Bianca Has Re-opened Their Valet Stores

We, at Bianca, have adapted to advanced safety protocols to keep COVID-19 at bay and create a safe, hygienic environment for you. All of our staff, from valet executives at our stores to cleaning experts and housekeeping staff at our central processing unit, have been vaccinated and are ready to serve our customers.


It's Always Sunny at Bianca Cloth Spa

Monsoon season has hit the city, and with this, the stress of keeping clothes clean has manifolded. Constant mud splashes, water droplets from the streets, and a combination of moisture and humidity make it problematic to keep your clothes in mint condition.


Getting Your Clothes Disinfected Is Now Safer Than Ever!

The pandemic has already left us all stressed and tired! However, we are here to back you up and cover your safety concerns.


Another Lockdown? This Time We Have Got Your Back!

You might be having those mixed emotions again which you encountered last year when COVID-19 hit all of us and a lockdown was announced. However, all we can do right now is support the restrictions imposed by the government in order to control the second wave of this virus.


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bianca’s Luxury Cloth Care Services

You must be thinking that we are just another regular dry cleaning service providers. Well, there’s more to us than just dry cleaning.


One Year Celebratory Offer at Bianca - The Luxury ClothSpa

Bianca - The Luxury Clothspa opened its doors with outlets across the city on 12th February 2020. The people of Mumbai were given yet another reason to love their clothes, as we presented them with the most sought-after luxury cloth care service.


Done with the festivities? Let us tell you how to store your festive outfits!

The arrival of the festive season means celebrations, delicious food, shopping for new clothes for the entire family, presents, and loads of social media uploads. And while this might easily be the most exciting time of the year, it also includes several days of preparation as well as an equal amount of time spent cleaning up after the festivities are over.


This Diwali, get your Festive Wardrobe ready with Bianca Clothspa

Bianca – The Luxury ClothSpa is a premium laundry & dry-cleaning service to make the process of rejuvenating your clothes extremely convenient right from our pick-up and drop-off service to alterations and cleaning.


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Bianca Launched in Mumbai

Scared to hand over your couture piece to the neighbourhood laundry? Saudi Arabia's largest laundry chain, Bianca is now in Mumbai.

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