Your Favourite Garments Deserve The Best Treatment: Switch To Bianca

At Bianca Clothspa, we resonate with the emotional value of our customer’s clothes and home linens. Our laundry experts understand the delicate sensitivity people have towards the cleanliness of their garments. 

From sorting, stain removal, and our dry/wet cleaning processes to drying and disinfecting your clothes through our high-pressure steam systems, we sew all loose ends and don’t settle for anything less than a perfect laundry experience.

We also have premium finishers and ironing machines to restore the original form of your garments. To top it up, we have designed a system that carries your garments across several rounds of quality checks throughout the process.

We, at Bianca Clothspa, guarantee to be your trusted, luxury laundry service provider that abides by international standards, whether it is for customer care service, quality of solvents, packaging used, or waste disposal.


How Do We Assure Our Customers Don’t Settle For Less?

Our end goal at Bianca Clothspa is to be the one-stop solution for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

We accomplish this by our detail-oriented treatment process that relies on high-performance equipment sourced from all across the globe. Even better, the usage of premium solvents assures not the slightest of tarnishing on your laundry.

This intimate understanding of the laundry treatment process promises you to relish the authentic charm of your clothes and home linens, much like when you first invested in them.

Let us give you a brief idea of the types of equipment we use at our central processing unit.

These varying equipment stand witness to our promise of never settling for less.

- Spotting machines equipped with reusable-steam installations and stain removers.

- Automatic dosed laundry machines leaving no room for human errors and guaranteeing the precise quantity of detergents and solvents.

- Our central processing unit has dedicated equipment for rejuvenating collars, cuffs, buttoned shirts, jeans, pants, dresses, and much more.

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Yet Not Convinced That Bianca Doesn’t Settle For Less?

Apart from individual care for each stain and fabric, we carry forward the luxury laundry experience right up to the packaging stage.

Expect to receive your rejuvenated garments in sustainable, and reusable bags.

Speaking of your bags and shoes, they are returned in dust-proof packaging to eliminate any chance of dirt seeping in.

Guess what? Avail all of these services from the comfort of your home by using our app.

If you’d like to pay us a visit, get ready for a luxurious in-store experience.


Verdict: Don’t Settle For Less

With an intent to remove 100% of the stains, we are confident of fulfilling our laundry duties as per global standards.

Either schedule a pick-up today by downloading the official Bianca Clothspa app, or feel free to call/WhatsApp us on +91 72080 73124.

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