Bianca Has Re-opened Their Valet Stores

We, at Bianca, have adapted to advanced safety protocols to keep COVID-19 at bay and create a safe, hygienic environment for you. All of our staff, from valet executives at our stores to cleaning experts and housekeeping staff at our central processing unit, have been vaccinated and are ready to serve our customers.

Feel free to walk into any of our valet stores, whether it’s by the ocean in South Bombay or within the bustling suburbs of Mumbai.

The advanced technology that keeps our central processing unit running is ready to continue doing a remarkable job, as always. Be it dry or wet cleaning, press-only, repair & alteration, beautification of delicate couture, or giving your home linens and curtains a luscious look - we have it all covered.

You can simply drop by and state your laundry requirements, and we shall deliver them as spotless and pristine as good as new.


Wondering About Our Safety Measures?

Owing to the pandemic, we adhere to strict COVID-19 protocols that have strengthened our standard cleaning procedure manifold, ensuring 100% safe and sanitised valet stores, on-site professionals, and luxury laundry services.

Our valet stores across all 5 locations in Mumbai are fully equipped in terms of COVID-19 precautions.

We prioritise consumer safety and experience, and regularly undertake the following precautions to guarantee the well-being of our customers:

- In-store end-to-end sanitisation after every customer visit

- High-touch surfaces cleaned once a day

- Gloves, masks, face shields, and bouffant caps for our team members

- Alternative disinfection methods (LED blue light, UV radiation, etc.)

- Common touchpoints sanitised hourly

- Educating employees on improved safety measures

- Vaccinated staff

- Daily temperature checks


Above all, we continue to complement this list with enhanced safety methods, all for you!


A Message From Bianca

Do not forget, we are a luxury laundry service – there’s nothing we can’t do to amplify the charm of your clothes, accessories, home linens, and curtains.

Have an additional message you want to convey? Let’s get in touch.

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